A Message from Chris' Family

     Chris' Parents wrote this letter to all who attended Chris' memorial service since they were unable to make it to Pittsburgh.

To all of Chris' friends and coworkers,

     As much as we wanted to attend this memorial service for our son Chris, we are still hurting too much and are having a difficult time accepting our loss. We hope that you will understand why we are not able to be there with you. We feel so blessed that you all thought so highly of our son to want to honor him in such a special way.

     When Chris first left home to go to Pittsburgh, we couldn't wait for him to return to us, but in the past few months, we finally realized that Chris was where he truly wanted to be. Although we were sometimes skeptical that his life in Pittsburgh was as wonderful as he told us it was, we were so proud of his courage to strike out on his own, his independence in staying there, and the accomplishments that he achieved.

     Chris developed some remarkable relationships with many people in Pittsburgh. He was accepted and welcomed into your lives. He found a loving relationship with Andrea, and he made many friends, some of whom we were unaware of until this tragedy happened. Chris enjoyed working with the people at UPMC, but when he moved on to Marconi, he was very happy. He had landed a great job in an excellent company and he so looked forward to a long successful career with people who appreciated and respected his knowledge and his abilities.

     Chris was a wonderful young man with incredible potential whose life ended much too soon. We miss him desperately.

     We would like to thank everyone who made our Chris so welcome in Pittsburgh, especially his roommates, his friends, and his colleagues who we met when they came all the way to Saugus to attend Chris' funeral services. We were so in awe of the love and respect that you showed for Chris and for us that we understood why Chris felt so comfortable in Pittsburgh.

     Everyone here today who touched his life helped Chris to become the man who we loved so much, and we will always be grateful.

     Althought we can't be there in person, our hearts are there with you today. Thank you al so very much.

Very truly yours,

Ron, Janis & Gregory Long