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     The following are emails/messages I've received to be added to the guestbook. Please remember that you can email me any comments/pictures/etc that you'd like to be added here to: or by ICQ (UIN 278071). (Please do not message me comments on the IRC. They'll most likely be looked over.) Thanks to everyone who has submitted comments and memories here.

Chris was one of the few people on IRC I talked to about stuff. He helped me through some really dark times in my life. The loss of my baby, my 2 yr. old's diagnosis of autism, and my husband's loss of a job. He came to me for "mom-type" advice, which he never He was always asking me for recipes so he could cook a special dinner for Andrea, and he was FOREVER calling me the old lady of the channel. (I'm only 35, mind you.) He continually reminded to take my geritol, that I had alzheimers, and that I needed more oil of olay. ;-)

I used to see him and everyone from #threerivers once in awhile at the NPL Clubhouse. We always had fun playing pool, air hockey and what not. I remember yelling at him one night for shooting spit balls through straws in the restaurant. He called me old again.

I'll definitely miss Chris. I bought a brick in the walkway at the Pittsburgh Aquarium in his memory, so if you're ever there, look for it.

Cindy W.
Undernet #threerivers

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The shock and disbelief when one so young with so much potential is taken from us cannot be expressed with words.

Chris was a joy to work with, a joy to know. He was like one of my "kids" and my PC mentor all rolled up in one. He loved my pizza casserole. He was always there to help with a smile on his face and no thanks necessary. He enriched the lives of all he touched.

Chris will be missed by many.

With sincere condolences to his Mom, Dad, Bother, and Girlfriend. May your faith, memories and the knowledge that Chris was a special spirit in this world, give you strength.

Peg Walmsley

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I met Chris 3 months ago, when I started working at Marconi.
He did so much to make me feel welcome.
I will always remember him for that, his patience, positive attitude, unselfishness, willingness to help, and hard work.
His constant smile and contaigous laugh will be missed.

Greg Briski
Marconi Services

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This is my final closure on the passing of one of my best friends. A friend with whom I have very fond memories. When I first joined scouts, I was not only new to the troop, but also to the town. I literally knew nobody. Chris however accepted me and became one of my closest friends. He took me into his life and made me feel like a part of his family. Over time our relationship strengthened. I became close to his parents and his brother. Now I feel like a true part of the family.

Chris and I always competed in scouting; who could light the camp fires quickest; or make the biggest fire? Who could cook the best meals? Which one of us could create the best plan for a campfire? It wasn't always a competition though. We both worked on the Troop Scoop, that's our troops newspaper. We worked on a few merit badges together. We organized a relief fund for the flood victims in Des Moines, Iowa. We even received a couple of religious medals together.

We had fun outside of scouts as well. We celebrated our graduation together. We would spend Christmas and Thanksgiving together. The best time I had was when Chris, Ron, Janis, Greg, and myself traveled to Cooperstown to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. From there we ventured to Niagara Falls. That was one of the best weeks of my life.

Chris and I have many memories together. However, I do regret losing touch with him over the past few years. I never really had the chance to thank Chris and tell him how much he meant to me. I don't know that he is aware of the influence he has had on my life. He has helped me become the person I am today.

I must say goodbye now to the best canoeing partner I have ever had. I Love You Chris and I will miss you terribly; but I will always cherish the great times we shared together.

Forever your friend,
Sean Scanlon

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