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     Sweet Jesus where do I start. I first met Chris online in #nauticom2 I believe. We started to chat a bit, and that bit turned into hour long talks. When he visited here a second time, he stayed with me for a few days. Learned that the deer in my family room "watch you" all night long. Also, got Shawn to salute him and call him Sir, repeatedly.

     There was always his famous cars. The most famous was the red Grand Marquis. We spent countless hours fixing that P.O.S. car so he could make the trip out to Philly to visit Andrea. I remember one time in particular, it was when Andrea was moving back to Pittsburgh from school. I believe for the summer. He was so excited, "I will finally have a live in girlfriend." is all he could say that night. He was only 19 at the time, but you could tell he loved Andrea with all his heart and planned on always being with her. The look on his face on the drives out to Philly where priceless. All he wanted to do was get out to Philly to see Andrea, that was what he looked forward to the most I think, when she lived out there.

     He managed to put up with me for a year and a half as a roommate. We shared a one bedroom at first, then moved to a 2 bedroom, where we fixed Chris' car. Many memorable things happened at those apts., like fixing Chris' car. Many drunken nights and hang over mornings, Steeler games and Blitz games, and did I mention, fixing Chris' car?

     One thing that will always stand out in my mind is how he never saw a winning penguin game at the igloo (civic area) though he went to 7 of them, the last one only this past week. I was hoping to get more tickets this year, so he could see Mario on the ice, now he doesn't need tickets, he has the best seat in the house. It is the little things that keep going through my mind. Waking up lastnight after finally taking a nap and reaching for the phone to call Chris to hit the bar, so he could drink those last 2 beers at the fox and hound so he could get the glass, then realizing what I was about to do. There is so much I could say about Chris, where do I begin, where do I end. I have been friends with him for 4 years now.. and I stress this part.. AND COUNTING. Even though his life light has been extinguished, his friendship with me will never end, cause he will always be just a thought away.

Just think the next time the Pens score a late goal to win the game, that maybe that was Chris steering that puck...

Ed Griffiths
Undernet: #cloud9, #threerivers, #silence

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I did not know Chris very well. I believe I only met him once in person, at a party at North Park (Erie Grove) a few years back in the summer. From what I saw, he was a good person, with a warm heart. It saddens me that such a young person had to pass from this world. I am glad to see everyone coming together to support each other.

To all those who knew him well, may you be well in time, and may you be strong throughout. Take your time to mourn as you should, and remember the spirit he possessed, and do your best to live for his memory.

Matt Buchwald
"The Mystical One"

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I've been trying for days to find words to say about Chris that haven't already been said. In the year that I've known Chris I feel blessed to have shared time with him and blessed for the memories I have.

There is a core of friends that hang out all of the time. We'll see a movie or go out to a restaurant/bar, or just stay in and watch a movie and order out. I have great memories of Chris and the "gang" that will live forever with me.

I respected Chris for the way he lived his life and dealt with life's bumps. People who know me, know that says a lot about Chris. I feel that he was like a brother to me, but I never told him; I always thought there would be time for that another day. But I was wrong the morning he went away.

The last time I was with him was the Friday before his call to heaven. The gang went out to dinner, had a few drinks and a lot of laughs. We went back to his and Andrea's apartment and watched a movie. Who would have thought I would get a call just 2 nights later to come to the hospital. This was something I have done several times in my life but somehow felt honored that I was asked to join the wait that ended in a loss of a friend, a brother, someone who has affected me a great deal in the time I known him. He was a person who no matter what the problem, he would help or just listen. I hope to preserve his memory for years to come.

I hope that Mr. and Mrs. Long and Chris's brother Greg know how Chris affected his friends and the people around him, and that somehow that eases the sorrow of their loss. And to Andrea I offer an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on, and the belief that there is a reason for everything no matter how hard it might be. The answer may not be in front of you now or in the future. But in my heart of hearts I know this.

A thought: Chris enjoyed the stars. He even recently got a telescope; he talked about the time that the gang would go out and search the sky. I'm sure he has a great view now.

God Bless you Chris. Bless the Long Family, Andrea, and the countless others whose lives were made better just in knowing Chris.

Patrick Nevel

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I knew Chris from when we worked together in the WPIC group at UPMC. He was an extremely intellegent co-worker, but more importantly, a good friend. He was someone you could always come to talk to whether you had a problem, or just to bs. Chris and I would talk for hours on end during or inbetween service calls. We would talk about palm pilots, games, or the latest in techno-gadgets. After his arrival in our group, working actually became fun. I will always remember the breakfasts Chris, Penny (our teamleader) and I would have to start our day. His friendship meant so much to me, that he was to be the best man in my wedding this coming summer.

Unfortunately, I am not normally very good writing my thoughts. Times like this make finding the right words even tougher. But one thing is clear...I am a better person for having known Chris. And I know that I am not alone in that sentiment.

Mark Webb

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