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     The following are emails/messages I've received to be added to the guestbook. Please remember that you can email me any comments/pictures/etc that you'd like to be added here to: or by ICQ (UIN 278071). (Please do not message me comments on the IRC. They'll most likely be looked over.) Thanks to everyone who has submitted comments and memories here.

Chris and I worked together at UPMC, ISD. We worked on the Help Desk together, then the two of us developed the very first web site at UPMC ISD. I can honestly say that our current web initiatives would not exist without the ground-breaking work he did while he was with us. Chris cared about people and he cared about doing the best job he could do. I've never met anyone like him and I probably never will again. My condolences to his family and his girlfriend, whom I know he loved very very much.

Cathy Rich, Ph.D.

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With heartfelt sympathy and kindest thoughts to the Long family and friends. Sharing in your sorrow and wishing you strength in the days ahead. May loving memories comfort you.

Jason Trainor

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There are, perhaps, a million good things that could be said about Chris. But I think the more important metric is how few bad things can be said about him. In an online world often populated by overreaction and drama queens, Chris stood as a rare exception, a true man amongst the rabble that dominates the days online. I consider it to be a great honor to have been counted amongst his friends.

Chris, you may be gone, but you shall not be forgotten.


Steve Levin / "Thumper"
Unofficial Bunny of the Undernet

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     I remember Chris from when he first joined our group. We had long talks on the phone and longer talks online, via IRC. We quickly learned he had much in common, down to liking the same obscure Sci-Fi movie. He was the one I would need to call when I needed to talk. When he first started visiting Pittsburgh, He would stay with everyone at CMU, and I would usually spend the weekend there as well. I remember one time, he was sitting on the lobby couch with Andrea, when they were first starting to date, and me pushing one of them into the other, telling them to "kiss already". Later, when he finally moved here, We got an apartment together. We celebrated our first day there with a gourmet dinner of canned pastas. We've had our rough spots, but through it all, Chris was always someone I trusted and respected. When I had planned to get married, I had planned on having him as an usher. Having always thought of Andrea as my sister, I'd come to think of Chris as my brother-in-law.

     I always looked up to Chris. Whenever I was looking at an issue in my life, I always compared myself to Chris. I would allow myself a year, because he was a year older, to make it to his level. Chris was the standard of success I did my best to live up to, in all aspects of life, from his relationship with Andrea, to his job, even a card game we both played. Chris will always be someone I look up to, and he will always be loved and missed.

Joe Manzetti
"Alexius Pendragon"
former roommate, and friend

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