Thanks to Greg Briski for the photo.Welcome Visitor,

     This is the Chris Long memorial web site. Upon Chris' passing, the main web site on this host was replaced with this site to not only commemorate Chris, but also to provide information to his friends and associates.

     Now, both the Boston funeral and Pittsburgh memorial service are concluded. The time remaining for this web site is now ticking down.

     At the end of the day, Thursday, January 18th, 2001, it will be frozen (archived) and made available as a user site on this server at After that time, no further entries for the guest book or the links page will be accepted, since the site will shortly thereafter be archived to CD.

     So, please try to make an entry to the guest book. You can email me submissions. Anything goes here, so you can be creative if you wish. I also want everyone to send me as many digital photos of Chris as they can. Also, if you have any other digital memorabilia (such as MP3's, IRC logs, etc) related to Chris that you'd like to have included, please send it via email immediately.

     I will make every conceivable effort to keep this web site alive in as many media as I can. So long as I have an broadband connection to jack my SPARCserver into, I will host this page. I've also considered signing up for free web accounts from providers like Xoom, NBCi, and so forth. They never seem to do any house cleaning. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

     Thanks to everyone for their support.

- Michael Ahlers
"the . Silicon . Dragon"